DECASULT’s mission : achieving excellence
in Construction Project Management.

Project Management for new construction, renovation or recycling projects

DECASULT’s Project Management services are characterized by its multidisciplinary team and the complementarity of its diversified individual expertise.

DECASULT’s project team accompanies the Client in each phase of development, ensuring support and expertise throughout its realization, from a project’s initiation to its delivery.

By supervising the work of professional consultants retained for a project, DECASULT optimizes the Client’s command and decision-making abilities and improves control of relations between the project’s various stakeholders. In this way, DECASULT focuses its multidisciplinary experience on a project’s ultimate goals and its Client’s stated expectations.


Project Management is DECASULT’s core business.

DECASULT’s management approach stems from a project’s program and feasibility data, which establish the basic parameters of the firm’s service offering.

Our client engagement is articulated around a complete range of Project Management services, and includes specialized services such as Independent Certification.

DECASULT has also developed its own distinctive and comprehensive Project Management outlook, which it calls the COP Process® (Control Of Project).