Expertise in estimating and managing project costs

Services de Certification Indépendante

DECASULT has a proven track record of excellence in budgetary management of construction projects large and small. Our estimating and cost-control departments are composed of highly-skilled professionals, with established construction-industry expertise in Quebec. Our past project portfolio, garnered over the many cumulative years of our in-house experts’ project experience, reflects a diverse range of selected projects in terms of scope and complexity and gives our clients unrivaled insight and knowledge. More specifically, our proprietary cost database provides real and concrete data from actual projects, in addition to external national and regional statistics, and allows us to provide our clients the best possible cost consulting advice in response to their project needs.

Project Budgeting

  • Preparation / Validation of the Baseline Budget, in pre-construction phases
  • Secondary assessment of third-party budgets
  • Expert recommendations on work estimates and bids
  • Global Project Budgeting for all construction project types, including renovations and heritage restorations
  • Periodic Control Estimating, class C, B or A, according to progress milestones
  • Management of Project Cost Optimization / Rationalization initiatives
  • Coordination of Value Management sessions
  • Assistance in defining the Project Delivery Method, and the process to implement it

Cost estimating

  • Quantity Take-Off and Program Validation
  • Unit Price Assessment, based on our proprietary cost database, current market data and comparable projects
  • Direct Construction Cost Estimating
  • Soft Cost Budgeting (professional fees, general conditions, inflation, etc.)
  • Benchmarking, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Value Management
  • Project Risk Identification and Impact Quantification, in terms of Probability, Occurrence and Cost
  • Calculation and establishment of Project Risk Reserve
  • Project Opportunities Identification and establishment of Harvesting Strategies
  • Implementation of Risk Management Plan
  • Project Contingencies Assessment

Cost control

  • Proactive monitoring of approved Baseline Project Budget through fixed-period Cost Reporting
  • Market Cost Trends Analysis
  • Preparation of regular Progress Reports, highlighting relevant observations and issuing recommendations
  • Analysis and recommendations of Requested Scope Changes from project stakeholders
  • Assistance in establishing Change Order control, validation and documentation processes
  • Assistance in implementing and administering the Risk Management Plan
  • Assistance in providing recommendations in case of disagreements or potential disputes